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Invitation to "Illustrators Tsushin"

Invitation to "Illustrators Tsushin"

"Illustrators Tsushin" is a private organization of professional illustrators which was established by MORI Ryuichiro, an illustrator himself, aiming at information exchanges and cooperation among illustrators. Its principal purpose is to help illustrators’ business activities, to serve those who look for illustrators on business, consequently to contribute to prosperity of illustration business, and to improve illustrators’ position and working circumstances.

This is not an agency. Therefore, no commission is required in case you get a job offer through this website. Please contact a client directly.
We welcome a new member any time.
However, at present, the ability to read and speak Japanese is a requirement for becoming a member.

Membership application to "Illustrators Tsushin" is here. (available only in Japanese)

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