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Akiko Maruo
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Born in Iwate Prefecture and lives in Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Art History.
When I was in sales at a listed company (IT related), I remembered that I wanted to work in painting. Started working as a freelance illustrator after giving birth. 14 years freelance.
Active in educational magazines and educational toys for young children, web, educational materials (mainly in English) for young children, elementary school students and junior high school students.
I like reading and beer, and as of September 2022, I have read 100 books a year.

Our business partners so far are Kajima Corporation, Haneda Airport & Keikyu Electric Railway, Gakken Plus, Gakken Kyoiku Mirai, Kodansha, Mate,
Child Honsha, Kumon Publishing, Shingakusha, Gakuhosha, Sanrio, Sekaibunkasha, Suzuki Publishing, Seitansha, and many others.

I'm good at cute touches for children! I always try to draw bright colors, expressions that excite people, and scenes that make learning fun.

We believe that “cute” is one of the triggers for small children to become interested in things.
In learning materials for elementary school students and above, scenes are easy to understand and fun to draw.
I feel that illustrations play a big role in making studying fun.

I would be very happy if the illustrations I provide could spark your interest in something or make your study time more enjoyable!
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