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takada maya
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Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Art
Gallery Vie kaiwa-juku Illustration class
Suzuki seiichi Binding school
Terada junzo tete-illustration class

2021「motif」HB GALERRY
2020「Good Morning」ZAZIE hair
2019「michikusa time」Gallery&Hair art salon/aimatsuda
2019「Spuring la la la」MOUNT tokyo
2016「one picture,One day,One year」ART HOUSE
2015「Wood&Animals」SEWING GALLERY
2015「one picture,One day」ART HOUSE
2011「Animal Tshirts」gallery OPPO
Many other group exhibitions and art events

UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 Reviewer Award (Takafumi Kobuki Award, Keizo Mimura Award, Yoshinobu Masuda Award)
UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 Reviewer Award (Satoko Onoe Award)

▼about me
While working as a part-time teacher of art at a public support school, also active as an illustrator.
Every year I participate in an art event held at the Imashirozuka Tumulus in my hometown of Takatsuki, Osaka. I do live painting and caricatures.
I am also interested in ancient things such as clay figurines and haniwa, and I also use them as illustration motifs.
I like drawing various motifs, and I am attached to the plants and tableware around me, and I draw various things from time to time.
I create everyday with the motto of having fun and comfortable drawing.
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