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Kimura Sunopi
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E-mail : sunopplique* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 Adobe Photoshop2021・ Adobe Illustrator2021
Form of delivery : Watercolors are basically delivered by Photoshop (image). Please contact us by touch.

Currently, I mainly draw illustrations of people in life, health, beauty, and medical fields.
I am working on magazines, illustration contributions for web media, books, and free papers.
I am also interested in folk art, animals and nature, and I would like to work there as well.

"Watercolor illustration"
I am good at gentle, fun and energetic illustrations while making the best use of the texture of watercolor and having a sense of transparency.

"Repo system illustration"
I am good at energetic and funny cute illustrations.
We are also looking forward to introducing illustrations such as cosmetics illustration repo, product illustration repo, and PR.
We also accept manga for illustrations!

We will respond as flexibly as possible to the delivery date and delivery form.
We will try to get a prompt reply. Please feel free to contact us.

● Profile
Lives in Saitama prefecture
Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design
After graduating from university, engaged in goods production and character design at a general merchandise maker.
After that, after being in charge of designing web advertisements, store POP, etc. in the EC division of drug stores, he worked for an advertising agency as a designer and illustrator. Around this time, he started working as an illustrator individually and became independent when he retired. Currently working as a freelance illustrator.
My hobbies are visiting shrines and temples, taking a walk, and occasionally climbing mountains. I like animals, especially birds.

I want to work with many people! We think. Thank you!
illustrator's keyword : water colors, gouache / Adobe Photoshop / pastel,crayon,colored pencil / marker,copic marker / still life / plant,flower,gardening / animal(fish,bird,insect) / family / infant / child / boy / girl / woman / person / nature / room,interior / architecture / literature,tale / home,life(household matters,childcare,manner) / education / fashion,fashion articles(bag, shoes, accessory) / esthetique,diet,exercise / Makeup/Beauty / food,cooking / health,medicine / fortunetelling,feng shui,spiritual world(new age,occult) / Detective, mystery / foreign country / Northern Europe / Latin America / fantastic,fantastical style / comical, gag style / colorful,bright / light,cheerful / quiet,calm / healing style / warm / heart-warming / soft / tender / happy / pleasant / literary / maiden style,girlish / fashion style / smart style / delicate / amorous,sexy / lovely / urban / Japanese style / Northern European / comic,animation style / decorative / for young people / for teens / for infants,children / for women / for adult people / for elderly people / for families / character / comics / picture for imaging / explanatory illustration / Web / schoolbook / child book,picture book / essay with illustration / reportage with illustration / illustration map,map / cut of magazine / cut of book / book design / cut of novel / calendar / leaflet / product,goods / Stationery / Product package, product label / New Year's card, summer greeting card / Textiles, fashion / poster,advertisement / CD jacket /
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