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Yoko Tomita
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E-mail : tom405ham* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
TEL : 072-866-7158
FAX : 072-866-7158
Computer specifications : Mac OS Mojave 10.14
Form of delivery : Original picture,Adobe PhotoshopCC

Graduated from Kyoto Saga Art University College Department
Textile design studio, apparel maker work,
I also work on illustration work as well as textiles in freelance.
 I turned to an illustration letter on the occasion of holding my first solo exhibition.
2017 ~ 2018 Gallery house Maya sponsored Brush UP course participation
2018 Participation by Seiichi Suzuki Illustration Koshien
2019 I was selected as the choice sponsored by Genko Inc. "Illustration No. 222".
Examination of Mr. Uno Akira.
2019 Kazuo Miyagawa Practical Design School Osaka
2019 Mr. Seiichi Suzuki participating in the annual drawing school

The cast-off costume reminds me of an absent person
I try to make such an illustration that the person standing can imagine the story.

We try to respond smoothly to the emails you contact us.
I am nervous about the first request, but I would like to proceed with a careful meeting.

◆ Work ◆
Hankyu Department Store Web Advertising Fab Design
In-forest Co., Ltd. New Year's card material collection
English teaching materials, English textbooks, moral textbooks, life textbooks,
Asahi Newspaper column illustration, Ueshima coffee package,
Morozov POP etc.

◆ Winning ◆

2005 Nationwide DM Grand Prize Silver Award won
2008 Kodansha picture book newcomer prize final selection
2013 Second Tokyo Awards Prize Selected
2015 Won the Japan Book Design Award
2017 The 5th Tokyo Drawing Award Oji FTXX Award
2018 Gallery House Maya Drawing Competition Winner
2019 210th Genkosha “Illustration No.222” The Choice, Selected by Akira Uno
2019 6th Tokyo Painting Award Morisawa Award

◆ Exhibition history ◆
In case
2001 "Yoko Tomita x Simone Deep Snow" (Collaboration) Manifesto Gallery
2004 "Sleeping for a century" The 14th moon
2010 "Forest of Swampy" MANIFESTO GALLERY
2011 「羽 音」 The 14th moon
2012 "Yukito Exhibition" The 14th moon
        "Bean Exhibition" The 14th moon
        "Artist Fave" Exhibition MANIFESTO GALLERY
        "Rose Favorite Exhibition" Itami City Craft Center
              "Moonlight" The 14th moon
2013 "HampelMann! (Hamperman)" MANIFESTO GALLERY
2015 "Original Kotobashi & Konomi, Fan and sticky exhibition" Hosomi Art Museum Tea room
2016 "Wild bird animation caricature" playing at Kaiyodo Exhibition The 14th moon, Karel Capek Kichijoji main store
2018 "Umbrella and Stripe" Gallery House MAYA (2 People Exhibition)
2020 "Body Temperature" Gallery House MAYA (Solo Exhibition)
   "Practical drawing school completion booklet exhibition" Gallery DAZZLE, IRORIMURAα
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