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Kotaro Chiba
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E-mail : chibaktr* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : MAC High sierra
Form of delivery : totally digital

Japanese artist/illustrator. living in Niigata (North East Japan). I have been involving in many projects of outside of Japan through web. the project is with famous graphic designer, publishing company, talented musician/producer etc. and also personal commissioned work. my works is good for the thing that you need traditional Japanese artwork like Ukiyo-e (old woodcut). actually, I was also consultant to advise about traditional Japanese art for my client but when you saw my works, you will find that the works is NOT just conventional Japanese arts. and even if the theme had modern western style, that makes to feel Japanese-style with "silence". I know that is feature of all my works though, you can feel free to imagine about my works and you can order it. please tell me your detail. welcome professional.
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