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E-mail : romi* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : Mac
Form of delivery : ai,jpg,png,pdf,psd

Shop name "atelier Otete"
(Otete means hands)
Illustrator name "Hayashi Romi"

* Medical Illustrator
I have a nursing license and I have experience in the field.
The medical system understands quickly, and the time to production is very short.
Please do not hesitate to ask me such as "There is no time", "There is no material", "I want you to draw , only the language explanation", etc. Please consult us.

Working with a friendly child illustration painted with watercolor painting and a legible illustration drawn with adobe illustration.
As a style of painting, I cherish the bright and fun atmosphere.
I am painting while thinking that I want to deliver to children, and other people surrounding children such as childcare professionals, papa, and mom.

As the main work up to now, I undertook illustrations production for kindergarten attendance notes, pamphlets for piano lessons, and illustration for nurse specialty magazines.

<Business Partner>
Jakuetsu Co., Ltd., Gakken Co., Ltd. Shujunsha Inc., Quick Inc.
Gakken Staffle Co., Ltd., Shinseisha Publishing Co., Ltd., Edit Co., Ltd.
Packet Co., Ltd., Japan Inc. of Doctor, Inc., others

<Award history etc.>
2009 "BodaijuCafe Organizer Postcard Exhibition" Special Prize
2010 "Musical Annie 25th anniversary commemorative illustration contest organized by Marumiya"
Marumiya Prize Winner
2010 "Pubou Picture Book Contest" Winning
Received the "New Year's 2014 Design Award" graphic prize in 2013
Selected entries for "Kuru-kuru Kuruminbou Design Design Competition" in 2014
2014 "New Year's card 2015 design award" Photo Frame Award
Received the "New Year's card 2016 Design Award" graphic prize in 2015
2016 "Attendance note for Jakuetsu kindergart Ayumi Competition 2016 Illustration department" Grand Prix
2017 "Papier Platts New Year's card Competition" Winner
2018 "Good luck Koo Chan" Illustration · Design adoption
2020 Selected entries for "New Year's 2021 Design Award"
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