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TEL : 070-4100-8936
Computer specifications : Mac OS X / Illustrator CC / Photoshop CC

Graphic designer / web designer
Collage artist & illustrator

Born in Tokyo in 1984, living in Tokyo.
Design company, video production company and several companies, in charge of graphic design and web design.
Independent from 2014.

WEB design, graphic design, illustration available.

Think of customer's request and design reaching users first, we will make various proposals.

Especially design which grasps the mind of women and design which uses illustration & collage etc is a specialty field.


2017.05 Gotch & The Good New Times 2017 Poster Design
2017.05 sweet special edit fortune telling BOOK 2017 second half (Takarajimasha) Yurrudo Harika's "Strongest! Absolute Rule to Grab Chance" Collage & Caricature Illustration
2016.10 dTV Girls ch key visual
2015.2 Fusosha "Ivy Akane's Lunar Monster Fortune Telling" Binding collage part responsible
2013. Fortune teller Ivy Akane Official Website web top page collage
2013.7 Gento September Issue / Fortune Telling Special Background Collage
2013.6 MdN (Midni Corporation Corporation) "Photoshop Magic Factory" published
2013.5 Autumn painting exhibition at Nakameguro "kisai"
2013.2 Gallery Conceal Exhibition 【bitter sweet ~ sweet and bitter girl ~】
2012.4 Nippon Car Rental "GO at Nippon Car Rental" Hen In charge of background animation collage
2011.7 Mr. Yunus receiving Nobel Peace Prize In charge of main vision to Japan visit
2011.3 "Design Style Exhibition ~ Moving Line · Moving LINE ~"
2010.7 Art Yard informer Inaugural 5th Anniversary Event "Tokyo Edge" Magazine Competition Competition Selected

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo "Hinokazaka"
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo "Cafe & Deli"
TBS "Day of Music" Program Logo
Planning Theater Group Collective Bokura Corporate Theater Company Logo

Iwasaki Yoshimi Debut 30th Anniversary CD-BOX
Animation "Giant Killing GIANT KILLING" / Original Soundtrack "Get Tough!"
Animation "Giant Killing GIANT KILLING" / My story ~ To the unseen tomorrow ~
NHK animation "HEAVENOME" / ending theme "KIZUNA"

Newsletter magazines etc.
Fiction Junction bulletin vol.5 ~ vol.11
speed bulletin vol.7 ~ vol.9
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