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Goto Makie
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E-mail : goma5551055* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
TEL : 090-2071-7579
Computer specifications : Mac OS X 10.9.5
Form of delivery : Data delivery

Illustrator living in Hokkaido.Qualified person of Tourism Master in Hokkaido

Affiliation department
HOKKAIDO Illustrators club α, Japan "WOOD BURNING" Association

After working as a designer after working as a production company, I started working as freelance designer and illustrator.

Warm character creation and column MANGA,
Express illustrations of woodcut grilling. An illustration according to your request will be created.

【An example of character design】
●northern-horsepark NOUZAN HOUSUKE
●Usu mountain ropeway Hokkaido USUYAMADA-KUN

【An example of original character design】

Basically it will be delivered in illustrator CS6 form, but please also consult other psd format, jpg form etc.
Please feel free to contact us first.
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