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Computer specifications : Mac OS10.6.7
Form of delivery : Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5 (if you wish only)

You have your work in the current two touch.

Illustration 1:
Adults and children [Catchy in Happy (Happy) (catchy) illustrations]

(Features of the illustrations)
* Both adults and children happy, fun illustrations of HAPPY packed
* Bright, easy-to-understand taste with catchy is characteristic
* Good to be happily expressed anything in there is no scene

Writing children's books also have worked.
"Let's experience! Jomon people of life 1 to 3 Volume" (Shiobunsha)
"Meiji Life and Culture - Meiji-mura" (Shiobunsha)


Illustration 2:
[Illustration of gently calm landscape, scenery] of image main

(Features of the illustrations)
* The illustrations essay, good at walk Lupo, etc.
* Image illustrations, such as feel the drama characteristic
* There is a warm, from children to the elderly comfortable illustrations

Illustration in the publishing and advertising · WEB, etc., cover, cover, illustrations, experience Rupomanga, illustrations essays, etc.
I have a job.

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As well there is your serve you glad your edge in either touch ☆
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